Home Care Services

Unlike your typical Caregiver agency, we do not require an hourly minimum. Whether your loved one needs assistance for 30 minutes or an entire day, our Caregivers are willing and ready to help. Simply pick up the phone, call our Sacramento office, and a qualified senior Caregiver will be sent to help your loved one within a 3-hour time frame. As a premier in home care provider, at NorCal Individual Care we offer a wide range of services that include bathing, driving, grocery shopping, cooking, and general home maintenance. As part of our services, we’ll make sure your loved one stays on their medication schedule – we’ll keep a log of medications distributed for accountability purposes.

At NorCal Individual Care, we are honored to be a Preferred Provider and Vendor for Alta California Regional Center serving the Sacramento area and beyond.


Our team of industry-leading senior Caregivers will treat you or your loved one with the utmost care and respect. While you’re away, our caretakers will be a shoulder for your loved one to lean on, in addition to serving as a source of comfort and sensitivity. Seniors and their family members can rest assured knowing their loved one is being well taken care of under the wing of NorCal Individual Care. Although we receive numerous applicants for our Caregiver positions, we hire only the top two percent to join our team. We choose Caregivers who have a proven track record working in senior care, and do not accept applicants with less than one year of experience in the field. At NorCal Individual Care, we expect no less than the best from our employees; therefore, we make sure each and every Caregiver is a warm and understanding individual who has a genuine interest in helping the elderly continue to live happy and fulfilling lives. Being contracted by the Jewish Family Services’ as home care provider further shows that you can trust your loved one with our Caregivers. All Caregivers have passed a variety of tests and screenings, including a DMV motor vehicle check, a health screening, and a nationwide criminal background check. We also make sure all Caregivers are in top notch mental, physical, and emotional health.

Personal Care

Our wide range of personal care services can be provided with full assistance, in which our caretakers provide hands-on care, or stand by assistance, in which our Caregivers provide aid without physically supporting you or your loved one. We work with our clients to customize a personal care plan that fits their specific needs. Below are some of the most common types of personal care services we provide for seniors:

  • Assistance with bathing (shower, bath, sponge bath)
  • Assistance with bathroom activities (incontinence, inconsistency, urgency, accidents)
  • Personal hygiene (hair care, skin care, application of lotion, oral hygiene)
  • Dressing/Grooming (dressing, assistance with personal grooming)
  • Assistance with mobility (walking, light exercise to retain and strengthen mobility)

Light Housekeeping

At NorCal Individual Care We understand that physical environments greatly affect our well-being. Maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment will help bring you or your loved one a sense of calmness and relaxation. Items are less likely to be misplaced or pose as an obstacle to a senior’s mobility. Not to mention, the absence of harmful bacteria is always encouraged for the elderly. Below is a list of some of the most common areas of light housekeeping that a NorCal Individual Care Team Member can help with:

  • Maintain cleanliness of home (dusting, mopping, vacuuming)
  • Bathroom maintenance (maintain a sanitary environment)
  • Bedroom maintenance (linen change, bed maintenance)
  • Kitchen maintenance (cleaning the kitchen countertops and fridge)
  • Organization of clutter
  • Collecting and taking out trash
  • Laundry
  • Washing dishes
  • Pet care

Meal Preparation

NorCal Individual Care Caregivers collaborate with our senior patients to assess their nutritional needs and create specific meal plans to help promote healthy eating habits. Our meal preparation services and caretakers can create nutritious and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you or your loved one will surely enjoy! Below are some of the tasks pertaining to meal preparation that we can help with:

  • Guidance on what to eat for optimal health
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and kosher-friendly meals
  • Assistance with menu-planning
  • Taking into consideration dietary restrictions and other limitations
  • Monitoring food and fluid intake

Medication Reminders

Medication management plays an important role in the daily lives of seniors with diseases, conditions, and ailments. Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia are often prescribed medication to prevent memory impairment, promote sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve one’s mood. The long list of medications they are given, along with the new medications that are routinely prescribed, can be difficult to manage. Our Caregivers are careful to ensure that you or your loved one is taking the correct medication at the appropriate time of day. Some of the medication management services we offer include:

  • Ensure medication is taken in the proper dosage at the proper time
  • Setting up the pill box to help with managing medication
  • Logging medication intake daily

By law, our Caregivers are unable to administer medications through injections, IV therapy, suppositories, and force feeding. Only a licensed nurse may perform these duties. Please reach out to a NorCal Individual Care Team Member for more information.


At NorCal Individual Care, we do everything necessary to ensure Caregiver Compatibility. We do everything we can to ensure that our senior clients are provided caretakers who best match their personality and interests. A Caregiver who offers steady companion care to you or your loved one often becomes a true and trusted friend of the family. Our Caregivers can help your loved one stay active by revisiting their hobbies, organizing social visits, and taking them on fun outings, such as going to the movies or the neighborhood park. Below are a few of the companion care activities our Caregivers routinely provide:

  • Companionship and socialization
  • Accompanying on fun outings, such as trips to the movies
  • Playing board games, piecing puzzles, and playing cards to stimulate mental awareness
  • Planning social visits with neighbors and friends
  • Documenting past experiences with scrap booking and writing
  • Transportation to a favorite restaurant or coffee shop


  • As seniors and the elderly grow older, their driving abilities may decline. Each of our Caregivers has been screened through a California DMV Motor Vehicle Report to ensure that they are safe drivers who are fully licensed and insured. Our senior clients will feel at ease in the passenger’s seat as our Caregivers transport them to hospital visits, run errands, and visit friends and family. Some of the senior transportation services we provide are:
  • Transportation/Escort to Doctor’s appointments
  • Pickup from surgery
  • Escorting your loved one inside the home, and making sure they are comfortable
  • Transportation to and from various errands (grocery shopping, family visits, banking, pharmacy pickup, etc)
  • Being your loved one’s Travel Companion, for vacations and family visits within the United States (helping your loved one check in and out, carry luggage, track medication and diet, and rent a vehicle)

Regional Center Services

Through the Regional Centers of California, NorCal Individual Care provides respite services for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Long-term caretakers are responsible for making sure that a developmentally disabled client’s needs are met, every day. However, these long-term Caregivers must be provided with relief from time to time, so that they can continue to provide the best quality of care for a person’s loved one. Providing long-term caregivers with the proper amount of rest and time off allows families to keep developmentally disabled children and adults in the family home at all times.

NorCal Individual Care is honored to have been selected by the State of California – Regional Centers to provide respite care to special needs adults and children and their families. Our Caregivers are experienced and receive extensive, diagnosis-specific training, and are well-prepared to deal with challenging behaviors in children and adults.

You may be eligible to receive respite care from NorCal Individual Care. Download our Respite Application, FMS enrollment application and bi-weekly time sheets below. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

Download Respite Application, FMS enrollment application:

Alta California Regional Center

Regional Respite Application: English Spanish

Respite Application: English Spanish

FMS Transportation Enrollment Application: English

EOR Application: English Spanish

Regional Center of the East Bay

EOR Application: English Spanish

Download Timesheet and Log Form:

Alta California Regional Center

Transportation Reimbursement Log: Click Here

FMS Transportation Log Form: Click Here

Respite & Personal Assistance Time Sheet: Click Here

RWA Respite Time Sheet: Click Here

Registry Respite Timesheet: Click Here

Transportation Reimbursement Log: Click Here

Daycare Reimbursement Log: Click Here

Regional Center of the East Bay

EOR Timesheet: Click Here

Department of Developmental Services web site page:

Department of Developmental Services telephone number:916-654-1987

Home from Hospital Program

A staggering 18% of Medicare patients discharged from the hospital are readmitted within 30 days. At NorCal Individual Care we have a Home from Hospital program consisting of a step-by-step approach geared towards promoting a full and safe recovery with the goal of keeping our seniors at the place they enjoy most – their home! Here is an introduction to our Home from Hospital program that is available at no extra cost to any client being discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility:

At the Hospital:

  • Free same day consultation before discharge
  • Customized Care Plan specific to patient needs
  • Caregiver interviews at hospital with access to NorCal Individual Care Caregiver Profiles
  • Free Caregiver training for therapy services
  • Hospital Discharge Checklist
  • Transportation upon discharge which includes errands, medication pick-up and shopping

At Your Home:

  • NorCal Individual Care’s transportation service
  • Medication management and reminders
  • Free Emergency Response System (ERS) for one month
  • Free Home Safety Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  • Complimentary RN Evaluation every 15 and 30 days by request, with patient updates to the hospital

For more information on our Home from Hospital program, please contact us or fill out our survey and we will contact you immediately.

If you are a hospital administrator and would like more information on adding our program to reduce your hospital readmissions, please contact us to find out how to integrate our program at your hospital.